We're In This Together: Black & Brown First Generation Lawyer Experiences

I'm Black.  But I'm also Native American.  My husband and children are Afro-Latino.  I am Black and Brown.  My mentees are Black and Brown.  Most of the Black and Brown lawyers I know are all first generation.  Actually, I can't name any Black or Brown lawyer who's not first generation.

When I talk about being first generation, we have similar experiences, we wonder(ed) the same things.  For example, according to the American Bar Association (ABA), the percentage of Native American attorneys went from 1% to less than 1% (it shows as 0% on the report).  See ABA Nat'l Lawyer Population Survey, 10-Year Trend in Lawyer Demographics.  One of my mentees only knew of one other MENA female attorney in her city.  One.

We're in this together. 

That being said, I've decided to expand the focus of this Fit for Advocacy effort to reach the Black and Brown Community, which is a shift I'm making across my other initiatives (marketplace app and book journey), as well.  

Have any experiences you'd like to share from the Black and Brown perspective?  Send me a message and I'll highlight here (anonymity respected).

Chat soon!



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